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Venavine Cream - the Red Vine Leaf solution to Varicose Veins!

Do you suffer from poor circulation, or tired, heavy, swollen and painful legs?

New Venavine Intensive Leg Vein Health Cream contains Red Vine Leaf Extract, Butcher's Broom & Horse Chesnut. This special product is ph neutral and free of artificial colourants and fragrances. Use it in the evening after a long strenuous day, or whenever you feel the need for a ‘lift’. 

The Cream has been formulated to compliment the action of Venavine Plus Leg Health Capsules, but can be used on its own to provide instant relief.

"I've suffered with Varicose Veins for the past 15 years, and thought that nothing could help me, as it was just part of growing old. How wrong I was! A friend gave me some of your Venavine Cream to try, and within two weeks I could visibly see the veins reducing in size. Now three months down the line, my legs look great, withno visible veins at all! Thank you so much for this excellent product, which I'm telling everyone about! Hannah Wilson - Maidenhead

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