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ProstEase Plus - The World's bestselling Prostate Product!

24 Active ingredients make this the best product for good prostate health!

Getting up more than once a night to urinate?

Feeling that your bladder is never empty?

Sudden, uncontrollable urges to urinate?

A slow urine flow or dribbling?

A need to frequently urinate?

Reduced urine flow or pain whilst urinating?

The embarrassment of incontinence?

ProstEase Plus is for you!

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Product Description

ProstEase Plus is now widely recognised as the most comprehensive and successful natural product ever developed for the nutritional support of men in regard to prostate conditions. 

ProstEase Plus includes amongst its unbelievably comprehensive formulation of 25 ingredients the Saw Palmetto Berry, which has been recognised by the US Pharmacopoeia for over 100 years, and approved by the respected German Commission E.  

ProstEase Plus contains the latest ingredients such as HMRlignan™ from Norway, Cernitin™ (Swedish flower pollen extract), He Shou Wu Root Standardised Extract, Lycopene and Zinc to name but a few, resulting in the most comprehensive product available 

Even if you’ve tried other natural products in the past without success, we recommend you to take  advantage of our 60 Day Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee to experience the ProstEase Plus benefits and difference for yourself.

Key Ingredients

Prostate Support Complex – 220mg Containing HMRlignan™, Cernitin™, He Shou Wu Root, Panax Ginseng and Kudzu Root Soy Germ extract.


HMRlignan™ – 40 mg is a proprietary, patent protected product manufactured by Linnea SA. From its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Locarno, Switzerland. HMRlignan™ is a naturally occurring plant lignan beneficial to human health. In humans, lignans are the metabolic precursor of enterolactone. Enterolactone is strongly associated in studies with lower risks of hormonally regulated tumours such as prostate cancer.


Cernitin™ (Swedish flower pollen extract) – 25mg Primary research has looked at the effect of Cernitin™ on prostatitis. This condition involves chronic prostate inflammation. Pollen extract has been used in the treatment of chronic prostatitis for nearly 30 years with many clinical trials. Researchers concluded that the pollen extract was highly effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and prostatodynia. Studies show that it has anti-inflammatory and antiandrogenic properties.


He Shou Wu Root Standardized Extract – 40mg holds an almost mythological place in China’s herbal system. The Chinese believe it increases physical energy, helps renew sexual potency, improves hair loss and ensures Prostate health.


Saw Palmetto Berry Standardized Extract (90% total sterols & free fatty acids) – 450mg has been recognized by the US Pharmacopoeia as a remedy for Prostate problems since 1905, and it is also approved by the German Commission E as a treatment of BPH. Saw Palmetto acts directly on an enlarged Prostate and works to reduce pain, throbbing, inflammation and enhances the bladder’s capability to contract and thus expel urine.

More than 20 clinical studies have reported that Saw Palmetto extract relieved all major symptoms of BPH. One clinical study by 37 prominent Scientists in Europe showed an amazing 91% of patients experienced significant relief in their symptoms, whilst research at the University of Rome found that 70% of BPH sufferers reduced their average frequency of urination by half, and 65% experienced an average reduction of 43% in residual urine.

Please note that as used in the above trials, ProstEase Plus contains the Standardised Berry Extract of 90% sterols, which is up to 1000 times stronger mg for mg than basic dried Saw Palmetto Berry powder, used in most other formulas.


Panax Ginseng Root Extract – 60mg is key to no prostate problems and a vibrant sex life. Oriental men have over 50% less prostate problems than men from other areas of the world, and boast a lively sex life well into their 80’s. In a thorough study of this ancient herb, at the University of Nebraska School of Medicine, showed that indeed Panax Ginseng offered extraordinary powers for men. It increased the production of testosterone and in doing so, it had several benefits. It helps to reduce enlarged prostates, prevent future prostate problems and greatly enhances the subject’s sex drive and performance.


Zinc (as zinc gluconate) – 20mg “The Man’s Vitamin”. The Prostate needs 10 times more Zinc than any other organ in the body and Zinc is vital for its healthy functioning and a key element in any treatment. The world famous Dr Denham Herman stated, “some 90% of the population consume diets deficient in Zinc”. Zinc has been shown in several controlled studies to actually reverse Prostate enlargement. One trial on this essential mineral at Chicago’ Cook County Hospital reported that all patients showed symptomatic improvements and 75% had palpable shrinkage of the Prostate. On the preventative side, eight prominent Research Scientists published concurring studies that sufficient Zinc is a vital necessity for having a healthly Prostate gland.


Lycopene Concentrate 5% – 40mg Lycopene concentrate 5% is a powerful anti-oxidant. A Harvard University four year medical study, involving almost 50 000 men health workers found that men who ate 10 or more servings of tomatoes per week, were 45% less likely to develop Prostate cancer. This study found that African-American men, who consumed the lowest amount of tomato products, have the highest rate of Prostate cancer in the world.


ProstEase Plus’s comprehensive formula also contains the following proven Prostate ingredients per 2 tablets: Mixed plant sterols - 100 mg, Vitamin C - 100 mg, Essential amino acid complex - 80 mg, Mixed proanthocyanidins complex (Grape seed extract and pine bark extract) - 50 mg, Pumpkin seed 4:1 extract - 50 mg, Eleuthero root - 50 mg, Pygeum bark standardized extract - 40 mg, Niacin (as niacinamide) - 15 mg, Vitamin B6 - 10 mg, Copper - 2 mg, Selenium - 200 mcg, Vitamin E - 20 IU.


Q: I am on medication from my Doctor, can I still take ProstEase Plus?

With it’s safe natural formulation, it has been designed not to cause any problems with other types of medication that you may have been prescribed. Essentially because it is a formulation of various special Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts and Herbs, your body treats ProstEase Plus as a very specialized form of food. There have been no cases of ProstEase Plus giving anything other than tremendous benefits, however if you feel in any doubt, please take this literature to your Doctor, and ask for their opinion.


Q - How many tablets of ProstEase Plus should I take?

We recommend that if your condition is particularly acute, you begin by taking 1 tablet, three times a day for the first thirty days, ideally after a meal, with a large glass of water. After thirty days of the higher initial dose, most people find that they can reduce to the usual dosage of two tablets per day. These two tablets should ideally be taken, one after breakfast, and one after the evening meal. People who don’t have an acute problem or who wish to use ProstEase Plus purely as a preventative health product, can take the usual dosage of two tablets per day.


Q - How many tablets of ProstEase Plus are in each box?

Each box of ProstEase Plus contains 60 tablets, so that each box should provide one month’s supply using the usual dosage.


Q - Besides the increased testosterone and sexual benefits, what are the other health benefits of taking ProstEase Plus?

ProstEase Plus is very much a potent men’s formula in that the two Ginsengs and other herbal extracts will certainly increase the sex drive and performance through boosting testosterone and energy levels. ProstEase Plus is also a very comprehensive nutritional formula with essential Vitamins, Minerals and Micro-nutrients for nutritional peace of mind, optimum immune health and vitality.


Q - How long will ProstEase Plus take to begin to work?

Due to ProstEase Plus being a natural herbal product, rather than a prescription medicine, different people take varying amounts of time before they start to see tangible results. Each individual’s body will react slightly differently to its potent natural formulation. In reality, this means that we’ve known some people to experience good results with the product after just two to three weeks; whereas it can take four to ten weeks for others, who have a more acute or severe condition.


Q - I still have some questions what should I do?

Either call our helpline on 0845 020 2699 where we will be pleased to talk to you, or take this information to your Doctor, who will be able to advise you.


Initially, if your condition is acute, take 1 tablet three times daily after meals with a large glass of water for the first thirty days. Thereafter take 1 tablet twice a day after meals with a large glass of water, or as recommended by a Practitioner. 

ProstEase Plus is Gluten, Yeast and Wheat free.


Anyone that suffers from a serious health condition, should consult their doctor before using. 
Do not use if seal is broken. 
ProstEase should be stored in a cool, dry place. 
Keep out of reach of children.


“ Since being diagnosed with an enlarged Prostate seven years ago, I’ve tried most of the available drugs 
that my Doctor could give me, and a great many natural remedies too, and nothing has come close to your 
truly impressive product. It’s not exaggerating to say that over the last 3 months, ProstEase Plus has radically 
changed my life for the better. I can now sleep properly without having to get up regularly to go to the 
toilet for the first time since 1996. When I do urinate, I am able to do so properly, and finish feeling that 
I have properly emptied my bladder. I couldn’t tell you what a great relief this is, and one that I thought 
that I might not experience again. I now have three friends with prostate problems who have bought 
ProstEase Plus on my recommendation, and all of them are amazed by what it has done for them too. Keep up 
the good work!”
Major Charles Sinclair - Guildford

“Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for the way that your product ProstEase Plus has helped me. Even 
though I’m very fit and active in my retirement (at the age of 69 I still walk up to five miles per day), 
I started to find that my prostate problems were causing me a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. 
Increasingly I was being caught out by the need to urgently urinate, which I had to address very quickly, 
or I knew that I would not be able to control or hold my bladder. My Doctor said that he couldn’t help 
me, recommended that I purchase some incontinence underwear, and told me that this problem would 
be with me for the rest of my life. So, not being at all prepared to accept this advice, I started to look 
for another solution, and that’s when a friend told me about ProstEase Plus. So I bought and started to take 
the product, and the results have been quite simply remarkable. After just a few weeks the need to 
urgently urinate just disappeared, and I was able to start living a normal life again without any of the 
worries of incontinence. Now several months later, I feel that my prostate is completely back to normal, 
and I can do anything without thinking about where the nearest toilet is!” 
Colin Beddows - London


Getting up more than once a night to urinate

Feeling that your bladder is never empty

Sudden, uncontrollable urges to urinate

A slow urine flow or dribbling

A need to frequently urinate

Reduced urine flow or pain whilst urinating

The embarrassment of incontinence