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JointEase Plus - The World's bestselling Arthritis Product!

21 active ingredients in the best formulation to help arthritis sufferers

Swelling and stiffness?
Joint pain? 
Cartilage degradation? 
Lack of mobility? 
Any sports injury?

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"Since I read about JoinEase Plus, ordered three bottles, and started taking it four weeks ago, my Arthritic knee has felt 100% better. Every evening when turning over in bed I would wake up, in pain, but this horrendous feeling is now a thing of the past; which my husband is very pleased about too! Keep up the good work!" Joan Davis - London

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Product Description

JointEase Plus is quite simply the best quality product of its kind, and as such it gives better, faster results for more people, than any other.  

Over the last ten years, the manufacturer has worked very intensively to develop and refine JointEase Plus, using the most extensive scientific research, the latest modern technology and the highest quality, natural ingredients, to produce the most comprehensive formulation of 22 active Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Extracts. 


JointEase Plus’ extensive formula includes renowned ingredients Glucosamine, Avocado and Soybean Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin and MSM, as well as several powerful herbs and antioxidants, making it the world’s most comprehensive and active natural product.


Every month, more people re-order JointEase Plus with a monthly standing order than any other product in the world. Being the world’s most re-ordered natural product is positive proof that JointEase Plus delivers outstanding results.

Key Ingredients

Glucosamine HCL - 1,400mg This entirely naturally occurring ingredient treats the fundamental cause of Osteoarthritis, rather than simply relieving its symptoms, by initiating growth of new cartilage. Unlike many joint formulations which use a Sulphate form of Glucosamine, JointEase Plus contains Glucosamine Hydrochloride (HCL), which has been shown to be much more powerful and more readily absorbed by the body.

Avocado and Soybean Extract - 40mg Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables (ASU) is a natural vegetable extract derived from avocados and soybean oils. In France, it’s been a prescription treatment for osteoarthritis for more than 15 years. ASU inhibits the manufacture of interleukins and other substances directly connected to inflammation. Since it first appeared, an enormous amount of accredited research has validated both the efficacy and safety of ASU in the treatment of arthritic conditions.

Hyaluronic Acid - 40mg In use now for 25 years to replenish joint moisture after surgery, so prolific is the natural occurrence of Hyaluronic Acid that it’s found in every tissue of the human body. It’s an essential contributor to maintaining levels and quality of the synovial fluid which cushions and lubricates the body’s joints. JointEase Plus delivers Hyaluronic Acid in its most bio-available form, making it available to your system with speed and efficiency. 

Chondroitin - 40mg In a Joint Support Blend. Chondroitin is used in combination with Glucosamine to dramatically increase the generation of cartilage and the nourishing of cartilage cells. This gives you improved lubrication, extra protection and provides a thorough ‘overhaul’ to arthritic joints keeping them flexible and strong.

MSM - 100mg In a Joint Support Blend. Methylsulphonylmethane is another completely natural substance. It’s a form of biological Sulphur that dramatically lessens pain from joint inflammation. Because it increases cell flexibility, it makes it easier for toxins to pass through the cell. This stops the build up of pressure that creates inflammation and eventually leads to permanent cartilage damage. Sulphur is also fundamental to the body’s ability to reproduce cartilage, and osteoarthritis sufferers almost always exhibit particularly low sulphur levels. 

Celadrin - 40mg This is one of the newest, most effective natural anti-inflammatory compounds available, containing an entirely safe mix of naturally occurring fatty acids similar to, but far more effective than the fatty acids found naturally in fish oils. Working at a cellular level, the Celadrin component of JointEase Plus induces changes in the cell membranes which positively affect their responsiveness, aiding in the reduction of cartilage breakdown in the joints.

Boswellia Resin Standardised Extract - 40 mg Enormously potent anti-inflammatory agent, which also inhibits the cause of inflammation in the body.

Hops Extract - 40 mg 
The alpha acids found naturally in hops inhibit the enzyme Cyclooxygenase enzyme-2. This enzyme eases the biochemical signals that lead to inflammation.

Ginger Root Standardised Extract - 50 mg 
The use of Ginger Root, in the treatment of arthritis goes back for literally thousands of years. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, and helps with the absorption of other nutrients needed to fight arthritis.

Beta-sitosterol - 50 mg 
This naturally occurring plant sterol, has proven to be of great value to Arthritis sufferers. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce the swelling of arthritic joints. It also enhances the immune system, enabling the body to better fight disease and rebuild damaged cartilage.

Vitamin A - 1666 IU 
Delivered as beta-carotene and is essential for maintaining healthy cells. Beta-carotene deficiency has been proven to increase one’s susceptibility to Arthritis.

Vitamin C - 12 mg 
As Ascorbic Acid, it is an all-powerful anti-oxidant. Your body needs Vitamin C to make the collagen which builds cartilage, slows down joint deterioration and reduces inflammation.

Vitamin D - 166 IU 
Your body’s Calcium level, which is crucial to healthy bones and cartilage, depends on Vitamin D for optimum absorption and efficacy in the body.

Zinc - 10 mg 
Required by more than 300 body enzymes whose job it is to repair injury, reinforce immunity and decrease stiffness and immobility in the joints.

Selenium - 46 mg 
This is a powerful and potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic mineral.

Copper - 1.35 mg 
Copper is needed so your body can produce collagen, and helps to fight the oxygen free radicals which are responsible in part for joint inflammation.

Manganese - 3.4 mg 
Again, this is a vitally important mineral in the building of new joint cartilage.


In addition to these Joint-repairing and inflammation eliminating ingredients, JointEase Plus also includes all key vitamins and minerals needed to counter the effects of joint deterioration and cartilage degeneration. Added to these Vitamins are the following 4 proven natural anti-inflammatory herbs which provide short term and immediate relief.


Q: I am on medication from my Doctor, can I still take JointEase Plus?

With it’s safe natural formulation, it has been designed not to cause any problems with other types of medication that you may have been prescribed. Essentially because it is a formulation of various special Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts and Herbs, your body treats JointEase Plus as a very specialized form of food. There have been no cases of JointEase Plus giving anything other than tremendous benefits, however if you feel in any doubt, please take this literature to your Doctor, and ask for their opinion.

Q: How many tablets of JointEase Plus should I take?

We recommend that if your condition is particularly acute, you begin by taking 1 tablet, three times a day for the first thirty days, ideally after a meal, with a large glass of water. After thirty days of the higher initial dose, most people find that they can reduce to the usual dosage of two tablets per day. These two tablets should ideally be taken, one after breakfast, and one after the evening meal. People who don’t have an acute problem or who wish to use JointEase Plus purely as a preventative health product, can take the usual dosage of two tablets per day.

Q: How many tablets of JointEase Plus are in each box?

Each box of JointEase Plus contains 60 tablets, so that each box should provide one month’s supply using the usual dosage.

Q: Are there any other benefits to taking JointEase Plus, other than the help with Arthritis?

JointEase Plus’ special formulation of herbs, vitamins and minerals, has tremendous benefits to the body, over and above helping with the problem of Arthritis. Among some of the most commonly reported benefits are feelings of vitality, extra energy, a feeling of well-being and also being much less prone to having colds, flu and sore throats.

Q: How long will JointEase Plus take to begin to work?

Due to JointEase Plus being a natural herbal product, rather than a prescription medicine, different people take varying amounts of time before they start to see tangible results. Each individual’s body will react slightly differently to its potent natural formulation. In reality, this means that we’ve known some people to experience good results with the product after just two to three weeks; whereas it can take four to ten weeks for others, who have a more acute or severe condition.

Q: I still have some questions what should I do?

Either call our helpline on 0845 020 2699 where we will be pleased to talk to you, or take this information to your Doctor, who will be able to advise you.


Initially, if your condition is acute, take 1 tablet three times a day after meals with a large glass of water for the first thirty days. Thereafter take 1 tablet twice a day after meals with a large glass of water, or as recommended by a Practitioner. 

JointEase Plus is Gluten, Yeast and Wheat free.


Pregnant or nursing mothers, or anyone with a serious health condition should consult their doctor before using. 
Do not use if seal is broken. 
JointEase should be stored in a cool, dry place. 
Keep out of reach of children.


"Last October, after going through a very bad spell with my legs, where both of my knees had been operated on, and the Specialist told me that he could do nothing more, I received some literature on your JointEase Plus product. At the time I was already taking a natural supplement containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin which seemed not to be helping me at all. However, having started to take JointEase Plus about 3 or 4 weeks ago, the difference is quite remarkable. I can walk and bend my legs like I used to do years ago, and my arms and back also seem more supple too. The fine weather is coming, and I’m looking forward to having some good walks for the first time in years. JointEase Plus is simply wonderful." John Richards - Southend 

"Due to a very old sporting injury, I have suffered with a frozen shoulder, and a painful right thumb and wrist joint for almost 20 year. I was told that I could have injections, physiotherapy or put up with it and take pain killers, none of which appealed to me at all. Fortunately having heard about JointEase Plus, and now having taken it for eight weeks my frozen shoulder has all but disappeared. My wrist is completely better, and the swelling in my thumb has all but gone, if only I’d heard about JointEase Plus 20 years ago!" Marjorie Hutton - Exeter

"I had a very bad elbow, and knee, and couldn’t sleep at night for the pain that they caused me. I’ve tried lots of other herbal tablets over the last 10 years and found that none of them helped me at all. Now after trying JointEase Plus I’m sleeping well, and can walk properly again. Thank-you so much for helping me, and rest assured that I’m busy telling all my friends with Arthritis about your pills!" Mervyn Simpson - Cardiff

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! After taking JointEase Plus for two weeks the pain and swelling in my arthritic fingers has gone for the first time in 2 years. I simply can’t believe that in such a short time, I’ve seen such a marked improvement, particularly as the ordinary Glucosamine tablets I was taking seemed to be doing nothing for me. My husband started to take them last week, and already his knees feel better too!" Patricia Morris - Birmingham

"Since I read about JoinEase Plus, ordered three bottles, and started taking it four weeks ago, my Arthritic knee has felt 100% better. Every evening when turning over in bed I would wake up, in pain, but this horrendous feeling is now a thing of the past; which my husband is very pleased about too! Keep up the good work!" Joan Davis - London


Swelling and stiffness 
Joint pain 
Cartilage degradation 
Lack of mobility 
Any sports injury