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FlexEzy Plus -

Nutritional support for the issues of Arthritis

A brand new, completely natural product, can help you today.

Which health issues have you got :

  • Joint Pain? 
  • Inflammation? 
  • Difficult to Move? 
  • Need Surgery for joint replacement? 
  • Swelling? 
  • Stiffness? 
  • Taking Arthritis drugs with side-effects?
  • Depression, tiredness and frustration?
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Product Description

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Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Inflammation, Swelling & Stiffness, Joint Pain and Mental Anguish? If you’re over 45, there’s an 80% plus chance that you’re suffering from the world’s most crippling and widespread degenerative condition.

And because the agonising symptoms of these conditions are brought on by natural “wear and tear” which occurs naturally as the body ages, they continue to be treated as inevitable side effects of growing older.


  • Glucosamine HCL
  • Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 
  • Avocado and Soybean Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Chondroitin Hops Extract

In addition to these ingredients, FlexEzy Plus also includes all key vitamins, minerals and proven natural anti-inflammatory herbs needed to nutritionally support the effects of joint deterioration and cartilage degeneration.

Key Ingredients

  • Glucosamine HCL
  • Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) 
  • Avocado and Soybean Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Chondroitin Hops Extract


Q: I am on medication from my Doctor, can I still take FlexEzy Plus?

With it’s safe natural formulation, it has been designed not to cause any problems with other types of medication that you may have been prescribed. Essentially because it is a formulation of various special Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts and Herbs, your body treats FlexEzy Plus as a very specialized form of food. There have been no cases of FlexEzy Plus giving anything other than tremendous benefits, however if you feel in any doubt, please take this literature to your Doctor, and ask for their opinion.

Q: How many tablets of FlexEzy Plus should I take?

We recommend that if your condition is particularly acute, you begin by taking 1 tablet, three times a day for the first thirty days, ideally after a meal, with a large glass of water. After thirty days of the higher initial dose, most people find that they can reduce to the usual dosage of two tablets per day. These two tablets should ideally be taken, one after breakfast, and one after the evening meal. People who don’t have an acute problem or who wish to use FlexEzy Plus purely as a preventative health product, can take the usual dosage of two tablets per day.

Q: How many tablets of FlexEzy Plus are in each box?

Each box of FlexEzy Plus contains 60 tablets, so that each box should provide one month’s supply using the usual dosage.

Q: How long will FlexEzy Plus take to begin to work?

Due to FlexEzy Plus being a natural herbal product, rather than a prescription medicine, different people take varying amounts of time before they start to see tangible results. Each individual’s body will react slightly differently to its potent natural formulation. In reality, this means that we’ve known some people to experience good results with the product after just two to three weeks; whereas it can take four to ten weeks for others, who have a more acute or severe condition.

Q: I still have some questions what should I do?

Either call our helpline on 0845 020 2699 where we will be pleased to talk to you, or take this information to your Doctor, who will be able to advise you.


Initially, if your condition is acute, take 1 tablet three times a day after meals with a large glass of water for the first thirty days. Thereafter take 1 tablet twice a day after meals with a large glass of water, or as recommended by a Practitioner. 


Pregnant or nursing mothers, or anyone with a serious health condition should consult their doctor before using. 
Do not use if seal is broken. 
FlexEzy Plus should be stored in a cool, dry place. 
Keep out of reach of children.


Swelling and stiffness 
Joint pain 
Cartilage degradation 
Lack of mobility 
Any sports injury